Pendant Lighting-Colorado

$ 1,200.00
A designer from Colorado contacted me.  Big house, big client.  The project?  A master suite.  There was a 5' wide hallway that led to the room and along the way wall sconces as well as a large semi-flush.  We had a conversation or two....became friends....I got what her vision was....and she sent me the fabrics.  This was the result.  Before I produced the work.....I made renderings and scanned them and emailed them to her.  If you want a good view of my renderings.....go to "search" and type in ...........Design Renderings.............and you'll see how I operate.  I'm not fancy, guys.....this is the real deal.  Homegrown stuff.  My heart to yours.   The Pendants were $300.00 each shaped in a very soft "bella donna" silhouette.  The semi-flush 7 1/2 x 18"

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