Tour the Studio. Diane explains the origins of Lowery's

Video Tour:

Our studio/gallery was opened for business in October of 1995 with a location in the heart of the village of Old Town San Diego and it is here where literally thousands of visitors from around the world have been able to see up close and personal the beautiful craft of hand blown art glass.  Our studio is in production almost every day.  Some days our work consists of large scale pieces and three or four people are working intensely on one big piece of glass.  Usually the music is loud and if you are in the gallery you are pretty involved with the process as well.  Other days, you may find me sculpting fish.  This is a quicker process and requires only myself and one assistant.  Whoever is gaffing gets to call the music.  I usually pick Pat Metheny, Chris Botti, Sting, or some other mellow jazz. 


As glass blowing studios go, ours is pretty small.  Only 350 sq. ft.  Careful planning of where the appliances were set has allowed us to work relatively smoothly in spite of our restraints.  We have an invested pot furnace which has a capacity of 500lbs of molten glass which is blown over a period of 7 to 10 days.  Then the cycle of cooking a new pot takes place again.  We melt clear glass and have hundreds of colors of glass that are stored in small plastic containers that give us the ability to create almost any color combination that is presented.  All of our appliances are fueled by natural gas and compressed air and this is fueled by heavy bills presented to us monthly by San Diego Gas and Electric.  Glass is expensive to buy because glass is expensive to make.