Hand Blown Glass Chandelier - John & Judy's

  • $ 6,000.00

Here's a majestic piece, for a majestic home, owned by a majestic couple.  Wow, and double wow!  Probably one of the most aggressive pieces we've made to date.  It is stunning to say the least.  The color chosen?  Pistachio and you can see how cool it is when the lights are not on.....but flip the slider?  And let the warmth begin.  As with all of our custom work....none of these pieces that we have made are sitting around on a shelf.  They are all being enjoyed by the wonderful people that we have worked for.  Perhaps you're ready for your very own, custom art glass lighting.  My slogan?  Artistic lighting.....for artistic living.  It seriously does change the beautify of your home in the most unique of ways.