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Looking for a custom glass design? Lowery's Hot Glass can help you!
We create unique items for our customers all around the country.

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Designing the perfect Glass piece


If you’re looking for something very unique and special in custom lighting or other blown glass projects, I am here to make sure that will happen for you.  Together we will create a design that will compliment, enhance and perform for your every need.  It’s a very enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


In collaboration with you and using elements from your environment such as color schemes, paint and/or fabric swatches, flooring and counter top choices, we will design the perfect glass for you.  Samples are matched with various types of glass and finishes until a design is found to meet your needs.  A rendering will be submitted to you of the completed idea and once you have approved it, we will go forward by adding you to our production schedule.  Typically this is a 3 to 7 week process.


Because we live in the computer age, our locations are not an issue.  I have worked with people all over this country!  People just like you take pictures of their kitchens and offices….and lobbies and staircases, fire places and entryways and dining rooms, too.  My job is to gather your elements, your vision and translate them into a reality. Every project is a personal project for me. If you live in the greater San Diego area, I delightfully make house calls.


Custom Made Hanging Pendants

Today’s architectural kitchen designs almost always include peninsulas or islands; the perfect location for hanging pendant lamps.  With our custom hand blown glass shades and vast selection of UL approved hardware, your task lighting will become the jewelry of the room.  Color choices and patterns are endless and we have a broad assortment of shapes to choose from.  For hardware choices visit our suppliers, and


Custom Designed Lamp Shades
Each one of our hand blown glass shades provides an ambiance to any place that they may live.  From majestic floor torchiers to petite dresser lamps, the energy is unparalleled.  It’s like living with a painting that has come to life.
It is to our eyes like the sound of beautiful music is to our ears.  As with all things lovely, it enhances the quality of our lives. For lamp base choices please visit  If you’re looking for a more traditional base selection, please contact me and I’ll help you with that.
Custom Designed Torchiere
Torchiere comes from the French word, torche.  As the name suggests this particular format allows light to direct upward and cast a soft illumination that repeats the shape of the glass.  Standing alone as a floor lamp or as a pair flanking a sideboard buffet, its presence is stunning and incredibly unique.  We have a nice selection of bases made available through This hand forge iron is created in Vermont.  Or, if you’re looking for a more traditional base selection, please contact me and I’ll help you with that.
Custom Designed Chandeliers

Suspended in entryways, illuminating paths in staircases and lighting tables, chandeliers are powerful functional statements. Our fixture and hardware choices are vast through and You are sure to find the perfect design to compliment your décor. Once that is established, the design for the glass can begin and as with all our hand blown glass the color choices are endless and together we will create the perfect finished fixture for your home, office, or commercial space.


Custom Wall Sconces
Sometimes the smallest glow is all that is needed to flood a space with warmth and light.  Our hand blown art glass fits beautifully in this format.  And, as usual you are sure to find the perfect fittings for your style from or
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